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Program Overview

Alta Vista - Middle College Program

In collaboration with Santa Barbara City College (SBCC), the Middle College program offers students an opportunity to complete their high school graduation requirements through a combination of SBCC dual enrollment courses and SBUSD independent study courses.


The mission of Middle College is to develop globally competent, critical thinkers who appreciate that their learning is not finite. The program integrates a rigorous independent study curriculum based on current events that is reviewed and evaluated during weekly student-teacher meetings. The independent study curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) English Language Arts (ELA) standards. The weekly meetings result in a positive one-on-one relationship between student and teacher. And the student benefits of this positive one-on-one relationships include academic and personal guidance and support.


In addition to the Middle College curriculum, students enroll in a minimum of one three unit SBCC class every semester, giving them the opportunity to select courses that will help them advance toward their academic goals. Middle College offers students the flexibility that enables them to build an individualized schedule that suits their needs and interests, as well as help them earn credits toward completing their high school graduation requirements. Middle College provides students with a smooth transition or bridge into the challenges of college, such as time management and the opportunities the college environment offers, such as expanded course offerings.

The program is located on the SBCC campus and is comprised of three credentialed teachers, and it currently serves 56 students.


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