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Summit Learning

Summit Learning is an individualized learning program that La Cuesta Continuation High School will be using in most classes during the 2017-2018 school year. Our teachers have attended trainings during the summer to prepare for the start of school.
Summit Learning is composed of three pieces:
  • Mentors--each student will have an adult mentor with whom they will meet once a week to help them keep track of academic progress.
  • Personalized Learning Time (PLT)--students will work online at their own pace to learn the content for each course. Teachers will spent PLT time working with small groups and/or individual students to help them understand the content and to keep on track. PLT time is period 1 each day and all day on Fridays.
  • Project Time--Project Time is periods 2 through 5, Monday through Thursday. Students will work on the course projects, which use content to master academic skills. All projects are graded on rubrics.